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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Concept : 1001 Arabian Night
Color Theme : Purple + Gold + Fuchsia + Turquoise + Red
Ceremony : Henna Night

Image source

Image source

Colors for Arabian night concept is strictly no mono color scheme here..use variety of colors red + purple + gold + fuchsia + blue + yellow + green anything..anything in your mind just mix it up without guilty hahaha...tak payah takut2..hantam saje lah labuuu...






Fabric also strictly no matching at all...find variety of fabric from plain satin fabric to printed satin to rich brocade to embossed velvet to beaded fabric to blink blink hehehe..its not so difficult to find all this thing..just go & buy at Jalan TAR & Masjid India semua ada...macam2 adaaa....

Rich Brocade

Embossed Velvet

Beaded fabric

Decorations is the most important thing to feel the ambiance..use a variety of throw pillows in mix of fabrics and colors..either use these pillows as seating or just a decor.. for more mood in to these Arabian Night environment try to find Arabian Lamps, Lantern & Hookah pipe (shisha) and don't forget to use lengths colorful textile or sari fabric to be draped from ceiling..and another one more thing is floor rug (bangla2 byk jual ahaks).. and to change flower arrangement with peacock arrangement...
Aladdin Lamp

Arabian Lantern

Persian Rugs

can get at Giant Taman Permata, Ulu Kelang
Price : RM38-RM100

Peacock Arrangement

Favors impress my guest with special souvenir from Saudi Arabia! ahaha padahal beli kat masjid india jek... it's just for special person who are 'merenjis tawar' only... ('',)v

Pashmina Scarfs

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