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Wedding Idea | part 2

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Concept : The Baroque style
Color Theme : Gold + Bronze + Blue + Deep Red
Event : Wedding Reception

Italian Baroque

Architecture ~ there are few elements that reappeared in Baroque architecture style which is give more emphasis on the dramatic and wealth :
> columns
> pillars
> cornices
> moldings
> pediments

Trevi Fontana, Roma , Italia

Colors ~ the essential color for Baroque style is gold and silver but deep red, strong blue and indigo also bring in the style...characteristic of this baroque style will enhance with luxuries and artistic...





Furniture should be carved either in white spray paint finish or gold spray paint finish or white spray paint with all motif and bidding in gold leaf finish or black spray paint finish for something modern look baroque style.

white spray paint with all motif and bidding in gold leaf finish.

gold spray paint finish

black spray paint finish

Fabric for furniture use velvet upholstery either plain velvet or printed can be mix and match from plain satin to printed satin to printed velvet for curtain or cushion..

damask printed fabric

baroque cushion

Decorations to adapt more feel in baroque style just put mirror with carving frame on the wall.. and don't forget to hang picture with carving frame also.. to enhance the spirit of the baroque style decoration can be used table lamp, chandelier, decorated and large vases, porcelain vases, white and blue delftware, large candle etc..

I found mirror like this at Zang Toi, Pavillion , KL

can get at KK home decor or SSF

can custom made or buy at kedai gambar ade jual melambak2...

still don't have any idea where to get this table lamp

Favors still searching the best door gift for my guest..i want something that related with my concept..emmm.. yes! porcelain eggs for mr. fiance's family and French fan for guest who are 'menepung tawar' on my wedding day...

can get at KK Home Deco

still searching for the best vendor with good price

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